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Privacy Impact Assessment

A general purpose Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) needs to balance widespread applicability with relevance to specific situations. It needs to add and maintain relevancy to the project, ensure there are feedback loops both to and from the PIA and the initiative planned outcomes and define project success in the same language and terms as overall privacy goals.

Privacy Report Cards

Privacy Poller is working on an automated privacy impact reporting service. Technologies like cookies, trackers, advertising networks and 3rd party resources that may inadvertently sharing user information with external organizations are identified, inventoried and categorized based on their privacy impact.


The largely self-regulated nature of online business is changing. Jurisdictions are tightening legal requirements for privacy protection while industries like Health and Telecommunications are increasingly regulated by multiple levels of government legislation.

Stop Private Information Disclosure

Organizations may share users' information with third parties intentionally or by accident. Understanding your partners and external web components work is critical.

Qualify User Experience

Increasingly savvy visitors use technology to avoid tracking and sharing personal information. This can dramatically shift how web properties perform and even destroy entire business models.

Increase Trust

Building solid relationships with users begins by showing you respect and protect their personal information privacy. It is an organizational-wide commitment to privacy, not a legal policy.

What Is Personal Information Privacy?

Personal Information Privacy is the right of an individual to define their own "information identity". This means that with minimal exceptions, the individual controls what information is collected about them, how the information is used, have opportunity to review personal information in the care of a third party and maintain the right to challenge the veracity of collected personal information.

Technology holds great promise to help protect personal information but also risks recording and sharing information without consent and unintended future uses. Privacy Poller researches the influence of technology on privacy and examines organizational polices addressing data collection and use. Through research and survey the goal is to publish an accurate portrait of how users experience the internet, measure the impact of anti-tracking and ad blocking technologies and learn how emerging web technologies impact personal information privacy.

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